3 Sarasota Film Festival Directors Who Are True Auteurs

Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes

Auteur: Author or originator; an artist whose style and practice is considered original and distinctive.

We’re inspired by visionaries who take their ideas to pen and paper — like the incredible directors whose films are featured in the Sarasota Film Festival (SFF). A celebration of the art and craft of cinema, SFF honors the storytelling of filmmakers who entertain and inspire us.

SFF features the work of hundreds of incredible cinematographers, but here are three auteurs who stand out to us:

1. Katie McEntire Wiatt — Fly Like a Girl

Katie McEntire Wiatt’s filmmaking exploration began at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, where she learned the fundamentals of cinematic storytelling and how to edit using one of the first non-linear editing systems. Now a member of the Inde Atlantic team and Women in Film & Television-Florida, Katie has produced, edited and directed multiple films. Fly Like a Girl is her debut feature-length directorial project, a documentary about young girls and women relentlessly pursuing their passion for aviation. 

2. Noble Jones — The Tomorrow Man

Noble Jobes has made a name for himself as an award-winning director and cinematographer with a career that boasts numerous commercials, music videos and documentaries. He’s worked on projects with Fincher, HBO and Lionsgate, earning a reputation for capturing memorable performances and striking visuals. The Tomorrow Man is a heartwarming film about two small town people trying to find love — Ed Hemsler, who spends his life preparing for a disaster that may never come and Ronnie, who spends her life shopping for things she may never use — that reminds us to live in the moment and stop worrying so much about what’s to come.

3. Frédéric Tcheng — Halston

Frédéric Tcheng is an extrodinary fashion film director whose portfolio includes Dior and and Valentino: The Last Emperor. He returns to the screen with Halston, an homage to Roy Halston Frowick, a revolutionary fashion mogul who created the look that defined the 1970s. This Sundance selection features extensive archival footage of Frowick, as well as interviews of people who lived and worked most intimately with this indelible fashion icon.

Filmmakers show us that our lives are often dictated by the narrative that we create around our circumstances. Our lives take the shape of the visions we design in our minds, and with enough creativity and inspiration, can be vibrant and fulfilling. 

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