Distinctive Architecture Adds to the Allure and Sophistication of Sarasota

Modern Hiss-Sarasota Magazine

Sarasota, Florida is known for its bold and recognizable style of architecture that bears the name of the city and lifestyle that inspired its creators. Auteur residents are surrounded by some of the most famous examples of design in the world, dating as far back to the early 1940’s at the start of the modern architectural movement known today as the Sarasota School of Architecture.

The Sarasota School of Architecture was inspired by a similar new wave of design in Europe, the Bauhaus movement—an ideology that abandoned traditional decorative styles for minimalist, clean line architecture. Forward thinkers implemented this school of thought throughout construction featured in Modernist homes and public buildings in Sarasota. Creators in the movement included Ralph Twitchell and other accompanying architects such as Paul Rudolph, Edward Seibert, Mark Hampton, Victor Lundy, Gene Leedy, Jack West and Carl Abbott.  The Sarasota School of Architecture focused on adapting smooth architectural lines and “flat-roofed” buildings in their design plans.

Photo Credit: Modern Hiss-Sarasota Magazine

Modern Peterson-Sarasota Magazine

Members of the movement found additional inspiration from neighboring Southern design that made use of outdoor and indoor patios, pre-engineered building materials, overhanging roofs, and raised floorplans that aided in ventilation during a time without air conditioning. Ultimately, the movement blended the indoors and outdoors to create authentic construction that embraced the climate of the South. 

The Sarasota Architectural Foundation, Inc. was established post-movement. The foundation is “a not-for-profit organization that celebrates the Sarasota School of Architecture movement and advocates to preserve the midcentury modern structures that exemplify its forward-looking principles,” (Sarasota Architectural Foundation). 

Photo Credit: Modern Peterson-Sarasota Magazine

The foundation offers Tour Sarasota Architecture, a 2-hour driving tour designed to study projects included in the Sarasota School of Architecture. The tour can be enjoyed free of charge from the Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau. This experience is designed to showcase some of the most architecturally significant buildings of Sarasota such as Umbrella House (1953), Hiss Studio (1953), Sarasota City Hall (1966), Joe Barth Insurance Office (1957), and more. The tour provides an overview of the city’s collection of architecture built between 1940 and 1970, that has collectively become known as the Sarasota School of Architecture. Private residences are occasionally open to the public eye through various exclusive events.

Architects of Auteur designed the luxury tower with similar sensibilities favoring bold style, clean lines, and sensitivity to the landscape and climate of the area. Residences offer wide-open, flow-through floorplans featuring continuous walls of glass spanning multiple living areas to create panoramic views of the bay. Sunlit interiors with soaring 10’-6” to 12’ ceilings and deep terraces combine together to provide the ultimate lifestyle in South Florida. 

Be within the epicenter of it all at Auteur, a marvel in design itself. A limited collection of grand condominium homes in downtown Sarasota are available from the $2 million. Visit our sales gallery at 1297 North Palm Avenue, our website www.auteursarasota.com or call 941-218-2855 to schedule your exclusive presentation.