Phase One of The Bay Enhances the Natural Beauty of Sarasota’s Waterfront

The Bay Phase One, The Mangrove, in Sarasota Florida
The Bay Phase One, The Mangrove

This featured series focuses on Phase One Design segments of The Bay Sarasota– a new 53-acre waterfront outdoor recreation and performing arts district that is currently under development only steps away from the site of Auteur. The exciting urban renewal project brings together elements that define the character of Sarasota – the sparkling waterfront, coveted recreation, and performing arts and culture. The Bay is an ambitious civic project that will be woven into the fabric of life in this legendary coastal city, enhancing the lifestyle of Auteur residents.

Phase One of The Bay has been approved, with its initial phase set to be completed in 2020—just as Auteur residents are settling into the new luxury condominium address.

The project is segmented into multiple themes that will be explored throughout this featured series: The Mangrove, Sunset Pier, The Plaza, and Lawn and Beach.


The Mangrove is an essential theme for The Bay as it focuses on environmental enhancements and special features that will both protect the existing mangrove bayou and provide experiences to the public that celebrate the unique native groves. Mangroves are vital to coastal cities as they protect shorelines from weathering and erosion.

The Bay Ecological Resources Survey

Mangroves are one of Florida’s true natives. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection stresses the importance of the groves and their functionality below:

Florida’s estimated 469,000 acres of mangrove forests contribute to the overall health of the state’s southern coastal zone. This ecosystem traps and cycles various organic materials, chemical elements and important nutrients. Mangrove roots act not only as physical traps but provide attachment surfaces for various marine organisms. Many of these attached organisms filter water through their bodies and, in turn, trap and cycle nutrients. (Florida DEP)

Phase One of The Bay’s environmental actions ensure protection of Sarasota’s valuable groves through the creation of a new path, removal of invasive species, added stormwater treatment, and enhanced planting. A grant of $940,000 was awarded to Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization for wetlands, bayou, and mangrove restoration—placing emphasis on the importance of conservation throughout this civic project.

Bill Wadill, Chief Implementation Officer at Bay Park Conservancy, shares the following update in an exclusive interview on The Mangrove:

“The public will be excited to see competition by the end of the year of a half-mile long sidewalk, ten-foot sidewalls, lighting, windowing, and signage along the mangrove bayou. These will be some of the first things that the public will recognize as progress of The Bay and will help provide a feel for the development at large.”

The Bay Environmental Enhancements

The Bay will offer special features for public enjoyment that celebrate The Mangrove. Recreational additions that will open upon competition include the following:

Mangrove Bayou Overlook

Mangrove Bayou Overlook

This overlook will provide those visiting The Bay an opportunity to passively observe the native wildlife and foliage found in this extraordinary coastal habitat. The overlook will allow peaceful reverence of this complex ecological treasure.

The Mangrove Kayak Launch

Kayak Launch

For those seeking a more thrilling interaction with the mangroves—The Bay will include a pier to launch non-motorized watercrafts such as kayaks and canoes.

The Mangrove Coastal Hammock Grove

Coastal Hammock Grove

A strip of hammocks swaying in the coastal breeze was envisioned for The Bay. This hammock grove will offer visitors their own private oasis to leisurely enjoy this tropical landscape.

The included recreational features beautifully embrace the green natural space of the mangroves and offer both leisure and active enjoyment in the midst of such a special environment. Residents of Auteur will enjoy not only the accessibility of this unique new landscape, but also sprawling views that will forever be preserved as no residential towers will be built along The Bay. Auteur will present the very best in contemporary condominium living in the center of Sarasota’s walkable waterfront paradise.

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